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Loosing ones genitalia by way of the spade.

Like with dogs only more fun.

see spading
When he came at me with his spade I knew I was going to get spadered.
by spader March 29, 2004
When your wang has been chopped off by Spader, or your vagina has been irreparably scarred/removed via a sharpened gardening spade.

(Spading is actually an accepted practice by local cults in the C.H.S. area, so don't move there!)
He Spadered my cat, He Spadered my Hog, Then he went & took my Hot Dog!

(Rhyme of the Spadered, by C. Mullady)
by SpadeAvenger April 24, 2004
Having been gotten to by spader.
He spadered my cat, he spadered my dog, and then he came for my hot dog!

(Rhyme of the Spaded, by Comrade Mullady)
by Spader April 23, 2004