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noun person who acts in a sifty manner especially in pubs/clubs etc. Originated Otago University, New Zealand.
that Dave is a total sifter
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
noun - person seeking to establish a relationship in an obvious manner, see also putting in the spadework
look at Chris go man that guy is one hell of a spader!
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
working very hard in an overt fashion at spading so as to achieve a relationship, either short or long term
well I won't score tonight unless I put in the spadework, will I, Peter?
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
noun describes girls aged from late teens to mid-20s who work in offices in sales and marketing roles (normally) and teeter around on 6" heels with body glitter on their cheeks, hair extensions and midriff sparkly tops. not highly sought-after for their business acumen, this species tend to cluster in packs and shag their way through the entire male sales force.
Did you see the fluffy dollies dancing on the bar at the Christmas Party Paul?
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
anything large and pendulous especially body parts like penises or unfortunate-shaped breasts
when I looked through the hole in the wall I saw his big golly dangler
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
the act of luring a male to bed for sexual intercourse
Hey Polly's doing well, I think she's going to pull dog tonight?

It's about time I pulled dog!
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
a pubic depilatory treatment that removes all the hair from the pubic area rather than leaving a landing strip brazilian
nice Californian you got there Tracey!
by snicksnacknicerack June 11, 2005
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