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a cross between a retard and a spastic, usually said in a sarcastic manor
1.leave me alone you spactard!
by Tanita April 03, 2006
30 8
A Spac-Tard is a mixture of both a Spastic and a Retard, therefore meaning a Spasticated Retard.
This name can be given to someone who commits an incredibly stupid act or says something incredibly stupid. it is an honouray title to have and should be something that is worn with pride.
"My mummy says im a Spac-Tard" :)
by Jayne November 02, 2005
12 5
A Twat,retard,spaccer,Div or dinlo
Fuck off you Spactard.

I saw a right fucking Spactard last night.

My mong brother is well spactared
by AngelAbz November 06, 2011
1 1