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The bus by which many community groups travel about. Often one may see such buses filled with intellectually challenged youths sticking either thumbs or fingers up in the window. Common usage is similar to the taxi cry when someone performs or says something stupid. One can suggest the came or ought to leave on said spacker bus.
friend falls over a paving stone

BUCKLE!! Get back on the Spacker Bus!
by loz January 07, 2004
the small bus that i ride to school \m/
I rided the spacker bus!!!
by gabe April 08, 2004
our next door neighbours bus. a fiat scudo lol similar to spacker eh? its a taxi used to transport his window lickers to school
fiat scudo spacker bus type effergy
by jay1985 October 03, 2006
our car , we call it the spacker bus, was named so by our son from day one.
hyundi atoz our friendly little car
by ray owen July 31, 2004
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