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a delicate confectionary, like the angel from barbarella, blissfully unaware of his own budding homosexuality and yet ripe for the picking like the most exotic of orchids, rim him with vigour and conviction
spaceman as in fill my 'space' man
by gazzamongo December 05, 2005
abbreviation of bobvious...a pedantic individual who seeks recognition by splitting hairs over the most minor gramatical or logical error. does not realise noone likes a smartarse. due to personality is generally unsuccesful with ladies but not for want of trying...sleazy does it. likes girls with hippo hips as they present a larger target for his greasy tail and their cute little trotters fit better into his wellies for that...'noone gets away from mr tumnus' booty fuck. stares like hes trying to read a newspaper in another solar system. q' what does bob bring with him on the secod date?....a' everything....if u know him hes probably sat shirtless on your sofa trying to get next to your missus RIGHT now!
jo, i'm hurt, how can u not remember bob!!!

coz ur bobnoxious............bobviously
by gazzamongo August 05, 2006

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