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1) Absentmindedness in the form of a personality trait.

Note 1: People who are spaced out are usually considered to be stupid by their peers, although often these people are actually very smart.

Note 2: Incorrect usage of this term has been applied to people on drugs. There are terms for that, so do not to confuse them with "spaced out."
No example for spaced out available.
by Anonymous_897 November 25, 2007
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A moment you have when you just stop what your doing, freeze, and not pay attention to any of your surroundings at all.

Dosen't have to involve drugs or alcohol. It can just be random most of the time.
Person1: Hello!

Person2: (Dosen't reply)
Person1: Hellooooo?

Person2: (Dosen't reply)
Person1: Dude! (Slaps person 2 violently.)
person2: (Jumps back) Woah, what, huh? Where am I?
Person1: I was talking to you, and you completly ignored me!
Person2: Oh sorry, I was spaced out.
by Ireallyatecake April 18, 2010
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To be stupefied and have dulled down senses due to drinking or using drugs.

Syn: spacey
(at last year's superbowl)

Matt: Damn it Chris, you fucking drug monster! You missed half of the game and you especially missed the half-time performance in which Justin T. ripped off Janet Jackson's shirt, exposing her right milk can!
Chris: I dunno man, I couldn't help it and now I'm so spaced out, I feel like I've been shot into orbit with my head nicely packaged between my ass to protect against g-forces.
Matt: Yeah you've really been riding the magic bus all this time. I have dragged you all the way here because you are a huge Pats fan, yet I told you to lay off the weed and shrooms earlier today.
Chris: Yeah as I said, I couldn't... wait, holy shit!! Look out!! The GoodYear blimp is gonna crash right into us!!!
Matt: Shut up and hush, dude! That's just your fatass mom walking around selling refreshments. Just be glad she hasn't taken notice of you and your intoxication.

Mark H. Over 1 year posting definitions at UrbanDictionary since February 2004.
by Mark H March 18, 2005
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The condition in which someone loads way to may images, movies, blinkly logos and general crap on their My Space (or other personal networking) site to where it become either un-useable or takes to long to load.

Spacy can be used as abbreviation
I can't even message her. Her site is spaced takes 20 minutes to load.

He is so spaced out I do not have time to deal with him anymore
by Cpat November 28, 2006
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