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A combination of the social networking sites MySpace and Facebook where you can avoid having to actually get out of bed to see your flatmates or find out about the lives of people you once knew.

(See also: MyFace)
My ex just added me as a friend on Spacebook.

Yes, I already know you're engaged, it said so on Spacebook!
by eblyatrom February 22, 2007
53 23
What old people call Facebook or MySpace after a younger, more modern person helps them set up an account on one or both of them.
Bob: You should have a lot of fun on these social networking sites, Grandma! They're called Myspace and Facebook!

one day later...

Grandma: This is as stupid as hell! I don't even know how to log on to Spacebook!!!

Bob: rofl!!!1!!!11 Spacebook? It's either Facebook or Myspace, Grandma. And I showed you everything yesterday, I even wrote it down!

Grandma: to hell with modern-day grandson's! and technology~!
by lilitalian32 July 07, 2009
29 22
a combination of "myspace" and "facebook"

if u have 1, u also have the other...

hey do u have myspace or facebook...

dude, i have space book....
by blthrskt April 23, 2009
8 3
The witty nickname for "Eve: Online" social networking site "evegate.com". Because it's facebook. For internet spaceships.
"Did you read your evemail?"
"no... can't be bothered to log in..."
"Fuck that, dude... just check Spacebook!"
by Namyri'el September 25, 2011
15 14
When you are on myspace and facebook at the same time. Which is only used when you have at least 512 mb ram. Otherwise your computer would blow. Users at this point are highly addicted and become edgy if there is a problem with either website.
Brad: Hey waitaaa minute let check up on the spacebook real quick.
Jeff: Nah man you'll blow up my computer
Brad: Come on man quit taxin my gig
by the steezo April 19, 2007
24 25
1) A combination of people who use MySpace and/or Facebook. These people are known to have little lives, just because they sit at their computers all day doing nothing. Many celebrities use these websites to show off- (see "Face-brag"). Also known as "MyFace".

2) A book in space.

3) A book talking about space, as in outer space, or just plain old space.
1) Bobby: "Jeff uses Facebook and MySpace... what a Spacebook."

2) Astronaut: "Oh my God! It's a spacebook!"

3) Guy: "Wow, this spacebook really does give a lot of information about the universe!"
by Cheesapuffa July 08, 2009
11 15
interacting on facebook while under the influence of a mind altering substance especially including but not limited to marijuana and alchohal.
"Dude last night I smoked like three bowls and and jumped on spacebook.
by frankyfarts May 10, 2010
8 14