Spacing - Verb.

To ignore somebody, when prompted by them. It is also a form of rejection.
Don't worry, Jen, I won't space you
by MatthewThePowerful August 27, 2010
Top Definition
the final frontier
by cap'n gar September 26, 2003
The measurable gap between a woman's thighs when standing with her feet together. Used as a term to express that a woman has feminine hips but thin, lean legs. Used among men to describe women with low body fat percentage. Used as a feature expressing a woman has a great body or a group of women have generally great bodies.
1) That runway model has epic space!
2) That girl is hot because she has the space.
3) There is great space in Southern California.
4) I'll tell you what turns me on about a
5) She was hot until she let herself fall apart and she lost her space.
by kb-young_raymond December 21, 2007
Space is big. Really big. You just won't believe how vastly hugely mindboggingly big it is. I mean you may think it's a long way down the road to the chemist, but that's just peanuts to space.
Source: The Hitch Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Douglas Adams
by mode_seven May 17, 2005
What my girlfriend demands the next day after we have sex. SPACE is required for her to have time to pretend it didn't happen and that we have not actually been dating for more than a month.

A constant state of relationship suppression.
Sorry, but I need some space now. I'll call you in a week.
by Stevie March 06, 2005
1. The area outside our planetary environment. We are largely ignorant about most of it. We're so ignorant we have no idea exactly how much of it there is to be ignorant about. This explains why they call it space: There's a buttload of it.

2. This character right here ----> <------

3. To forget what you needed to do for no apparent reason.

4. Touchy-feely term for emotional distance.
1. In space, no one can hear you whimper like a little girl.

2. " " There, there's a free one for ya.

3. Dude, I totally spaced Grandma's funeral!

4. "Bob, I just feel like I need some space..."
"What the fuck does that mean?"
"Let me finish... I need some space... without you in it..."
by Madmann October 05, 2005
Adding Space before a word makes it either the absolute best or worst of something.
Because everything is much more epic in space.
"Oh no! Space Banditos!"
"Space Banditos?! They're the most bad ass banditos of all!!"

"The doctor just told me...I have Space AIDS."
"Oh man, those are the worst kind."
by Satchmo BGW September 20, 2007
An Aromatic Herbal Blend that can be bought in your local head shop. Space gets you higher than most Marijuana, and its legal in the USA.
Lets smoke space! Lets go to space!
by FragrantPotpourri July 01, 2010
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