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When someone, male or female, defecates directly into a a condom and freezes the condom until hard and uses it for a sexual purpose.
You could use a space dog as a dildo
by Charlie Chalk November 09, 2006
When a child's head is level with your butt, and you fart into their mouth. As heard on the podcast "In the (Fro)Zone".
I spacedogged so many kids at Disneyland today.
by AFishCalledRwanda December 07, 2012
the act of picking up a small pup and pretending its a spaceship.
in order to do this correctly, you must pretend the pup can fly and run around with it in your arms. it also can be noted that you need to make plane noises for dramatic effect. doing all of this will result in extreme fun.

hey charlie, wanna play space dog?
picks up the pomeranian and starts running around *pshhhhhhhow* *pshhhow*!
by ashbagggggggggg March 03, 2009
Lika first canine cosmonaught.
by mada March 03, 2003
A sexual act in which someone, male or female, defecates directly into a woman's vagina.
"Mr. Smith totally dropped a deuce into my cooter and it was one hot space dog!"
by LindsayLu August 03, 2006
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