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Fecal remnants sticking to pubic hairs around anus; dingleberries; a general exclaimation of negativity.
Make sure you don't have any assballs before wearing my boxers.

This sucks assballs!
by LindsayLu September 22, 2004
Slang for the anus, especially when relating to it sexually.
"Please, get your cat out of my doodle door."

"Betty was too nervous to let Jim do her in the doodle door."
by LindsayLu March 28, 2005
An exclaimation of frustration;
Dirty undies for females.
"Oh, shit knickers! I left my homework at home!"

"Please do not leave your shit knickers in my room."
by LindsayLu November 18, 2004
A sexual act in which someone, male or female, defecates directly into a woman's vagina.
"Mr. Smith totally dropped a deuce into my cooter and it was one hot space dog!"
by LindsayLu August 03, 2006
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