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Fluffy little bastard dog that's also very cute.
My rabid pomeranian attacked me last night with it's sharp little teeth
by tartybird February 02, 2004
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Small to medium fluffy dogs. They bark a lot and are sometimes cute.
Sparky is the fluffiest Pomeranian dog. Don't kick Sparky.
by Coffeemakesmehappy December 09, 2004
A small (3-7lbs) dog that originated from breeding large Spitz-type sled dogs down in size. They are awesome, spunky, feisty and great for anyone who wants a Husky but doesn't want to RUN RUN RUN all day long.

People who want to put them in purses, not neuter/spay them, let them breed willy-nilly, never train them, and let them bark ALL THE GODDAMN TIME are ruining this breed for the rest of us.
My Pomeranian has a Canine Good Citizenship title, doesn't bark at strangers and loves his life because he's treated like a real dog. Paris Hilton's Pomeranian wants to die but wants her to die before it does.
by LittleDogsAreRealDogsToo May 27, 2009
A fucking show dog with fucking papers that does not take your turn nor does it get shoes rented for it and most certainly not get bought a beer.
It's Cynthia's dog I think it's a pomeranian.
by steve123456 December 11, 2007
a word used to describe an extremely lazy, stinky person who showers so rarely that when they do shower they still stink. The word pomeranian comes from its original meaning of the small, shaggy and stinky little dog. The term is mainly used by hippies to describe other hippies who think that not showering is a basic hippie quality, which in fact is not.
Damn, that pomeranian stinks!
by pinchy April 12, 2007
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