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Abbreviation of Special Purpose Automatic Shotgun
I have a Franchi SPAS 12 Shotgun
by Panhead March 17, 2004
A common box like vehicle produced by Vauxhall that is about as aerodynamic as a fridge. The 'nova' is driven by the elderly, and those who enjoy ripping out the trim of their poor quality car, and replacing it with more poor quality trim from the local Halfords. This vehicle, is very common among speed demons in the SR guise, and some extremly rare examples in the sport form can be purchased for 85quid. A nova will most likely have been towed more times than a boat, and the engine shall be as powerful as an hairdryer.
My nova does 0-60 in 14 minutes.
The engine is wrecked in my nova, although it has only done 300,000 miles.
Do you have any wheel trims for my nova?
by Panhead March 17, 2004
FN SLR - Fabrique Nationale Self Loading Rifle. Standard issue to the british army before the introduction of the SA80.
Also known as the FN FAL in other countries.
MY SLR is playing up again!
by Panhead March 17, 2004
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