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Sp00n, otherwise known as Sp00nerism or TheCampingTree on YouTube, is a relatively popular gaming commentator. He usually never gives out information about himself, so most of the details about him (including his name) are arguable or unknown. He's famous for his let's plays with UberHaxorNova, having no hearth, and rolling with the Creatures, a group of YouTubers including Kootra, UberHaxorNova, Gassy Mexican, ChilledChaos, Ze Royal Viking, SSoHPKC and others.
Kootra: "Look sp00n we baked you a birthday cake"

Sp00n: *kills himself*

Gassy Mexican: "My music invokes SUICIDE!"
by 0411 July 06, 2011
Trashbag of enormous proportions..
Andrew doubled dumped at 4pm because he's a sp00n.
by rob November 28, 2004
A nigger. But not like most niggers, he has class.
damn that guy is a Sp00n.
by John August 25, 2004

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