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A freestyling machine Solaway. The best mispronunciation of all time. Hes like a force, who tears up any mc. Refers to himself as the rapper Soylaburger (short for soylent T. burger)proceeds to rip mikes on the daily. he has an overall freestyling record of 87-0-1 which demolishes the past title holder Eminem or Rabbit of 8 mile. What started as a mispronunciation of solaway is know the most revered derrogatory term of all time.
"hey man your a soylaburger"

"yo top my soylaburger with some ass relish"

"Jizz, Soylaburger"

"You just Soylaburgered all over yourself brosef"

"Katz and Shaul are Soylaburgers"

"want to book from this jam, its full of soylaburgers"
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