Source, meaning Source Code. What this web site is created with.

Source Code is made up from Computer Languages - HTML, DHTML, JavaScript, Java, CSS, WML, XML, C, C++, VB etc.

Source Code is needed for a web site to be crated. Writing Source is otherwise known as Programming, Scripting, Coding.
I'm gonna go write some source. Need to get this page up by tomorrow.
by Anonymous August 23, 2003
"Source" is the engine that Half-Life 2 and the very popular Half-Life mod, Counter-Strike: Source, runs on. Valve has been working on the Source Engine for several years. This engine includes real-like physics.
Counter-Strike: Source and Half-Life 2 are run by the Source Engine.
by Thanksmisfortune August 08, 2006
Something extremely uncool. It can also refer to something that is trying to hard to fit in.
ok, you are so source.

that store is way too source.
by C Star August 09, 2005

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