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The ex-"Bible of Hip-Hop"
Started out as the BEST of the BEST!Everybody loved it until Raymond "Benzino" Scott decided to launch a mainstream career with help from The Source.Started the suicidal battle with Eminem and sunk The Source's credibility.Currently crumbling.The magazine has already been forced into Chapter 7 Bankruptcy on July 27, 2006 by creditors.Doesn't have much of a future theese days.Better read XXL - the better magazine - TODAY!
Guy#1 - Wanna bet The Source will dissapear by the end of the year?
Guy#2 - Nah,man.That'd be like Benzino battlin Em again man...Hey - let's subscribe to XXL.
Guy#1 - Yea,lets.
by Static12 June 17, 2007
a nice online game.You are a music artist and you strive to sucseed in the music industry.You can choose many genres - from Hip-Hop to Metal.A lot of fun with all kinds of people.The only bad thing in it that it requires a lot of free time and it's quite hard at first if you play by yourself
Guy#1 - Hey,guys,Wanna play Popomundo?
Guy#2 - Yea,lets.I think today our album comes out.Plus we gotta prepair for the gigs...no time man...
Guy#3 - Nah,man,this game is too hard for me.
by Static12 June 17, 2007

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