the best thing to eat when you're sick period
tyler: I'm sick
tyler: go eat some soup
tyler: ok
by frsky May 30, 2008
v. to be put in a negative position; to be put down in some way, even by oneself (a self-soup)
chris: that guy just took my girl
mike: you just got souped bro

chris: you whats up guys?
mike: you just spilled beer all over your shirt.
chris: ah.
mike: yea talk about a self-soup
by HUNGWHITIE April 22, 2010
Extreme vaginal wetness
That bitch has got mad soup! I went to slide one finger in her moan hole and wound up in to my elbow.
by Shane Dignizzle November 02, 2007
A half hour weekly television show on the E! network. This show presents pop culture news in a comedic way. It reviews the past week's celebrity gossip and happenings. It usually mocks celebrities and what they do. It is hosted by Joel McHale.
Last night I laughed when The Soup made fun of Tom Cruise's actions on Oprah's talk show.
by dan June 16, 2006
What you can do to a car to make it run better of faster.
I souped up that piece of shit car.
by t to the y June 21, 2005
slang for sex; characterized by very voluptuous, gratifying, juicy, sometimes freaky sex.
I got me some soup from my biznatch last night.
by Kat November 20, 2004
adj, vb
1 a: sound produce by cupping the index through rim fingers, inserting them into the vagina and waving in a reverse "u" motion
2 a: to complete an action b: to retrieve an item
ex: 1. I fingered her dude and it was like, "soup".
2. John souped the test or Larry, could you soup Bob the remote?
by Lister November 04, 2004
Something which making lends authenticity to pretending to be a witch.
I love to make soup and pretend to be a witch. It is one of my favorite passtimes. It helps if you stir a lot and cackle when adding ingredients. It also helps when the cat cooperates by looking on. It also helps when it is foggy outside or thundering.
by Katherine O. October 15, 2007

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