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an orgasm for the soul
when your body/soul/being is in complete ecstacy
by rachael June 10, 2003
—noun, verb \ˈsōl-ga-zəm\
1 : a moment of pure spiritual ecstasy; in which, an artful piece of life touches and moves the very core of your being, forcing you to close your eyes, gape slightly and lose yourself in its beauty, and as you do, a delightful tingling sensation flourishes from the back of your head and travels down your neck to ravish the entirety of your flesh.
This band's called "Clutch." Shh, shut-up! This part coming-up—right here! *loses himself* Oh, yeah! I soulgasm every single time that guitar solo plays.

Have you ever had a soulgasm? You have not lived! Check-out this piece.
by jdevin July 03, 2011
the feeling you get when you play something on guitar or any musical instrument that makes it seem like you and the instrument are one and you feel like you are no longer playing, but expressing your soul through the instrument
Did you just hear that? I was having a major soulgasm.
by deadbatteries33 January 17, 2010
(n): (pr.sol-gazm) A spiritual climax. To be overcome by the Holy Spirit to a point of spiritual ecstasy over your connection to our Creator.
I can't help but have a soulgasm everytime I hear Maria Callas sing Schubert's Ave Maria.
by CQ Scafidi April 05, 2010
Having a orgasm of the soul. non sexual
i was so happy, i had a soulgasm
by sleepytooth April 17, 2011

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