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An upside-down muffin top created by a undersized shirt, tank-top, etc.
1. that souffle is both disgusting and hypnotic

2. check out that souffle
by ConnieM July 15, 2010
Souffle- To omit something important in conversation very transparently, and to continuously deny it when confronted.
"When I asked her about her husband, she suddenly started talking about great american novelists. What a souffler."
by etaleasz May 06, 2009
to perform a souffle

a sex move performed by brisk and extensive thrusting after ejaculating into an orifice (ie making a cream pie).

A souffle (soufflé) requires beating the "whites" for up to 20 minutes or until firm peaks form. Although a hand mixer can be substituted, a proper souffle requires penile whisking.

The difficulty in preparing a proper soufflé has been somewhat exaggerated over time, so most people won't even attempt it. However, a typical orgy could result in a fine, foamy "white" mixture that can be scooped out with a spatula and placed in ramekins to bake.

Obviously, a chocolate cream pie, that is, using the anal orifice rather than the vagina would result in a chocolate souffle. There are several variants, one of course that requires prolonged choking on hog. Legend has it that a marine in Okinawa once made a literal skull fuck souffle using an orbital socket and then turning or folding the frothy whites with the creamy brains.
Oh man, last night I souffled that vag!

She makes me so hard I could easily make the perfect souffle.

Jack and Jill were trying to make a baby but all they made was a souffle.

Dude, check out this porno. They go DP and one guy blows his load in her ass and then they switch and the second guy whips up a souffle and she eats it.
by Darr Moziek April 03, 2010
A term used in online multiplayer video games in which all members of the opposing team are dead at the same time waiting to respawn. Occurs most frequently in 3 on 3 (and occasionally 4 on 4) deathmatches using a rocket launcher or other high damage weapon. Can be done by more than one person on your team but when accomplished by a single person it is known as a 'natural' souffle.
I whipped up a souffle on the blue team after all 3 of those noobs ran right into an air fuel grenade.
by PowerPlayGoal July 10, 2008
The highest level of love you can have for a person. When the phrase "I love you" simply just doesn't cut it. It is a feeling of adoration and awe, and when said, tells the other person not only the feelings you have for them, but the devotion you give them.
-"You are so amazing Gisel, I Souffle you"
-"Wow, I had no idea, I Souffle you too!"
by nestation August 27, 2009
1) A light fluffy foodstuff usually derived from whisked eggs and other ingredients and can be made savoury as a main dish or sweetened to make a dessert.

2) A steaming pile of light-beige coloured shit with the consistency of diarrhea, usually ejected from the bowels some time after eating a plate-full of biscuits.
1) Oh the aroma of the souffle is out of this world, magnificent work Julie, I bet you laboured over that all day, didnt you?

2) Oh Jeez-on-a-bike did I need to get that souffle outta my system. Last goddam time I eat a packet of HobNobs in one go.
I mean it this time - oh damn it I hate shit souffle's.
by brownbowels January 02, 2008
when a woman's bosom rises over her top and spills over. A phenomenon seen with particular frequency at Renaissance Faires. Similar in concept to the "muffin top."
Check out that woman's soufflé! I think it's about to fall!
by JG1026 August 25, 2010