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3 definitions by PowerPlayGoal

AI quote from Call of Duty, used by teammate characters in multiplayer games. This is ridiculous being that it takes 2 seconds to reload, and if you use Sleight of Hand, you will be done reloading before your character finishes asking for cover.
Man that noob is SPRAYING with the UMP

Task Force 141 - "Cover me I'm reloading"
by PowerPlayGoal February 09, 2010
23 6
A term used in online multiplayer video games in which all members of the opposing team are dead at the same time waiting to respawn. Occurs most frequently in 3 on 3 (and occasionally 4 on 4) deathmatches using a rocket launcher or other high damage weapon. Can be done by more than one person on your team but when accomplished by a single person it is known as a 'natural' souffle.
I whipped up a souffle on the blue team after all 3 of those noobs ran right into an air fuel grenade.
by PowerPlayGoal July 10, 2008
11 10
Completely useless teammate in online multiplayer shooters, speciailizing in Resistance and Call of Duty. A lambchopper will always finish with 0 kills, double digit deaths, and EVERY NOW AND THEN get an assist or capture an objecitve in Domination.
Player 1 "Geez we got housed in that game, wtf happened?"

Player 2 sees scoreboard where teammate goes 0-13

Player 2 - "We got a Lambchopper"
by PowerPlayGoal February 09, 2010
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