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Jenn's work for meaning in short proximity of time. Used to replace soon-ish. Cause -ish has been overused
" Call me baby, I'll talk to you soonly"
by college boy! April 23, 2006
Jenn's description of a timeframe relatively close to the current time of day. Nonbinding reference to timeframe. Used to replace soonish because it sounds funny and -ish is over used.
I will talk to you soonly.
by college boy! April 21, 2006
a word that people like to steal from me. simply because most of my friends are wannabes.

(soon, soon-ish, sometime later, etc.)
mom: when are you getting off that damn computer?
me: soonly.


him: there yet?
me: soonly.
by suckahf00 June 27, 2009