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When you want to do something soon, but you're not sure if it'll get done. You'll do it sometime in the near future...hopefully...but maybe not soon.
I'll buy my summer reading books soonish. I promise.
by angstmetalsong May 24, 2006
A time that is not as soon as soon but not as late as later.
Dude - "Yeah, I'll meet you soonish cause I have a lot of stuff to do."
by flubber dubber November 30, 2009
adverb: Used to make someone believe you'll accomplish a task, however you have no real intention of EVER doing anything about it.
"OMG - my entire life is falling apart I need your help with ....."
"Okay - I can solve your woes .. soon-ish!"
by Deadweight November 11, 2014
up to exactly three years from the end of the previously defined time period, 'soon'.
person a: i'll see you when i get back from america
person b: when is that?
person a: soon-ish.
by hugles August 03, 2010
Whenever I am ready and damn well feel like it.
Example: I'm having a glass of wine at home now, will meet you at the bar soonish.
by Ben1964 June 14, 2016
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