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1) Popular name for a female dog

2) (slang) A person on IRC who spends his time 'sleazes' over other chatters, frequently threatening to spank and/or "fuck their ears"

3) Brand of orange drink
Hey did you see that sooki on IRC today? He said he was gonna sex my ear!
by Joe Mulligan August 05, 2006
Similar to Gook except applied to middle eastern/arab people. Same pronounciation except as Gook except with an S Used widely in the US armed forces as a derogatory term to arabic people in iraq or other arabic countries. Term stems from the the fact that arab shops are called Souk or Souki in arabic.

Term is considered racist and similar to calling someone a paki or a wop; don;t use it unless you want to start a fight.
Can be used in numerous ways
1) sooki. Ie. I did not come to afghanstan to befriend any sooki
2) Souk people. Ie. I don't trust no souk people.
by Phil mAtio September 01, 2011
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