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1.How a hick says son of a bitch.
2.Saying son of a bitch at a high tempo.
You sonuvabitch Cletus! Don't you know how to make your mark?
by jj555298 May 30, 2005
A lyrically shortened version of "son of a bitch"
That sonuvabitch stole my cookie!
#sonuvabitch #son #of #a #bitch
by de jay December 04, 2008
Now rarely if ever used with actual thought given to the character of a person's mother.

1. asshole, prick, bastard
2. one who misleads or is deceitful : LIAR
3. someone who gets something they don't deserve or more than seems fair, especially relative to the speaker
4. expressing surprise or anger
That's my sister you're talking about, you sonuvabitch.

That sonuvabitch said he'd be here. Where is that asshole?

I was going to eat that, ya sonuvabitch.

Sonuvabitch! It's fucking hot today.
#son of a bitch #sonovabitch #asshole #prick #bastard #liar
by ChiliWI September 24, 2006
The son of a mean and nasty woman, or female dog. Usually used to describe someone that you have a distaste for, but can also be used, in some cases, as a term of endearment. More commonly seen as "son of a bitch."
"Carl, you sonuvabitch!"

"You mutha fuckin'sonuvabitch"

"I still say he's a sonuvabitch. He's a conceited sonuvabitch."
#son of a bitch #sunuvabitch #bitch #son #female dogs
by Alexander Stone September 19, 2006
1. An asshole
2. The son of a bitch of a beastly woman
Charlie, you sonuvabitch!
by Anonymous September 19, 2003
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