A hot Indian guy who all girls love. Sonny can be refered to as THE MAN. He is Guju and Indian. No one in the world is like him. Every guy wishes to be Sonny because of his great looks, skills, and the attraction of women to him.
Sonny is better than anyone, take that as a warning.
by Sonny Shah January 25, 2006
Top Definition
To literally beat the shit out of someone. Especially to one who really is testing your patience. The beating is similar to what carlo received from sonny in the movie The Godfather.
Damn, that motherfucker really pissed me off. I'd go sonny on him if he doesn't happen to be my dad.
by anon5555 September 20, 2009
Sonny is an amazing person who is unique in every way and who is loved by all. it is impossibly not to love a sexy caring loving guy like him, all guys wish that they were him and all girls wish they were with him. he has the biggest most beautiful muscels in all the town and everyone knows him for the smart guy he is. Impossible not to love this perfect man? Yes
Girl 1: omg did you see sonny walk by?
Girl 2: omg i wanna date him!

Girl 1: i know right! hes so fiiine!
by sonnytoldmetowritethis September 11, 2011
A boy who has a beautiful spirit, adoring friends and an amazing life. One who brings joy and sparkles to every place he alights.
That Sonny is one fine boy!
by booscal February 07, 2010
1. Name for a boy, means "Our Son"
2.What old people call boys
Eh? Speak up sonny I can't hear you!
by S0NNY908 October 01, 2006
Sonny is a person who is trustworthy and a loyal friend though and though. He knows how to love and be loved by many. Even though he is hard headed, once you get though to him he has a heart of gold. he has a slight tendency to have nigger elbows (crusty elbows).
guy 1: Did you see that guy? he is pretty tight
guy 2: yeah i know, his name must be sonny

guy 1: yeah, his name must be sonny, but he has nigger elbows.
by bhawjs January 05, 2012
A guy that plays Combat Arms. He has a really cool name and really cool hair. He can become best buddies with everyone, but especially me. Word. He's viet. NGUYENNGUYENNGUYEN. Best buds for life fo sho.
Sonny is my best friend.
by MyPuzzle August 19, 2010
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