The best boy you will ever meet so hawwttt and lavley mine so back of sweet cute at times so popular great at football I never want him to leave me I could go on about him so could everyone else he has the perfect voice and he has lots of friends best boyfriend I recommend a Sonny
Person 1:"Have you seen that Sonny boy"

Person 2: "who hasn't he is smoking haute🔥"
by Blondeygirly March 23, 2014
Sonny is everybodys dad. If u dont believe him ask him ur self.

he pays child support for everybody in the world even though u dont know it.
OMG there goes Sonny "MY DAD" lets go get our child support
by jackles April 21, 2008
A conceited piece of shit , that thinks he can get any girl in the world. He likes to play lil bitch ass games with girls heads & cheat on his PERFECT girlfriend with WEAK ASS girls and their weak asss shoes & hair.
Saying you love somebody than having other crusty bitches in your bed. Sonny
by Wifey (: December 19, 2011
A dog that is very very obese and lazy, it likes to sit on the couch and watch golf. It struggles to even walk and a trip to the food bowl is like a horrendous mountain climb to this dog. If this dog happens to go outside ,before he does so, he applies sunscreen to protect him from thee ultraviolet rays. Sonny's most distinct feature is that he smells like burnt pancakes. Dilf.
Dale: Oh shit that's an ugly fat dog...
Keith: Shit, you're right that thing is a Sonny!
by K-Wags July 26, 2011
A short wee man with hopes of someday riding a rollercoaster. He playes a munchkin singing the lollipop guild song on the Wizard of Oz. And he is a life size model for trophies. He doesn't have to reach down to tie his shoes, he has to reach up. And he is the first person who got in trouble, not for doing flips on his bed, but for doing them under his bed.
Daddy, how come I am not allowed to ride the bumper cars? Because you are a sonny, son. If you eat all your Vegitables and drink all your milk, you may one day be a Deondre.
by Israel707 December 04, 2009
a fat punk who can't get a woman. To be punked or rejected in some manner and then try to get payback.
OMG, he was sonnyied. ha ha.
by blow me now September 06, 2007
meaning very lame && nerdy, && gay.

man that guy is a sonny (meaning he's gay)
man that guy is sonny (meaning he's gay)
by udontgetme December 11, 2009

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