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The soni can most commonly be found in the Como area of southern Sydney, Australia. Although it is believed that a mass migration of the soni further north is imminent. Although these creatures spend the vast majority of their time on land, they enjoy nothing more than spending time in and around water whenever possible. Along with travels to areas where water is present they are also very common in local shopping centers, cafes and other places where large sums of money can be spent with minimal effort. Another favourite past-time of the soni is nocturnal trips to areas where loud music, nice cars and alcoholic beverages are in abundance. The soni can also be characterised by their dislike of keeping one mate for long periods of time, as they often find this too much trouble to be worth it. Also they are not known for having intercourse in order to reproduce, but instead for pleasure only. Soni have a grasp of language but not too a particularly high degree. It is typical for the soni to use words which are highly colloquial such as lebo, sup and man in most conversations. It is highly recommended that aggravation of the soni be avoided at all cost as they are known to frequent bursts of violence to those around them, either physically or through shouting. When placid however the soni can be one of the most enjoyable of creatures too be around, as they are often funny, kind and caring animals.
soni loves the beach
by dene g October 13, 2006
Bed breaker. Takes care of others young like her own. Sarcasm is a given. A Hawaiian looking super Model. Faithful.
Man, I wish I had a friend like Soni.
by Best friend fo life February 03, 2010
the name given to the chick who is fully sick brah
Sonala is so soni.
by spanishtrash June 17, 2010
A great singer but acts really gay. Screams like a girl and thinks he is top. Really nice and is friends with loser lesbians. Goes to the music room to often.
"Wow he can sing real well"
"Sounds like Soni"
by Pauline Hanson Forever October 25, 2011
n. a derogatory term derived from the Sanskrit word 'ola' meaning bitch-ass nigga
When I saw him kiss my friend Mithul, I knew he was a Soni.
by Tom Sawyerr April 16, 2008
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