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Story Of My Life. Something you hear, or see that always happens to you either good or bad. Typically, people use it as a way to agree with someone else's story that they can relate to.
Person 1: "I always drop the bar of soap in the bath and then I can never find it."

Person 2: "Somf"
by meiknafla June 12, 2010
7 25
sit on my face
i told the bitch to somf.
by kieran May 26, 2003
242 107
Sit On My Face. Term is used to show sexual feelings towards another individual.
Why Sara, dont you want to SOMF today?
by rimits January 24, 2009
187 73
abbreviated form of the phrase "Sit On My Face"

SOMF can be used to denote domination over another person

Facial sittings became popular in developing countries as a form of sexual intercourse which didnt require condoms. This was believed to be a way to prevent the spread of STD's and prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The abbreviation became popular with college students through the social networking site Facebook.

by purple dream November 18, 2008
129 48
Sit on my face
Jordan Kelly; SOMF!
Some Girl; -sits on his face-
by iwantjordansballz June 17, 2010
61 40
abr. -Sit on my Face; To face sit; the art of sitting on the opposite sex's face with out under wear and get oral sex.
Dude, Your girl said you was asking her to do a S.O.M.F. to you.
by Anonymous314 May 04, 2008
13 2
the abbreviation of the expression "Sit On My Face".

SOMF is primarily used as an indicative of sexual attraction, or as an act of sexual dominance.

Used in conjunction with Twitter, It is often stylised as #SOMF.
Tom Daley, #SOMF
by purpledinosaursrule December 30, 2012
16 7
sit on my face
come here and somf
by manywordsmargaret March 10, 2011
36 29