A four-man orgy; to be gay to the max.
Lets all go Soltani on friday guys! we can get butter too! and then afterwards, choke the chickens with bread crums.
by ThatDictionaryGUY!! March 11, 2009
Top Definition
the act of giving a girl a facial and then pouring sprinkles on top afterwards. aka persian perversion
She wanted desert after dinner so i gave her a soltani.
by p-cubed June 04, 2009
a really chill Persian dude who knows how to have a good time.
We gotta invite some Soltani's to this party.
by Robin Hood156 August 28, 2010
"to do the soltani" = to be in second place
He did the soltani. He lost!
by Kickergott August 06, 2003
former champion; man who doesn´t understand that his time is over; born looser
Guy who was playing table soccer quite good when he was younger and still tries but is always loosing
by Champ August 05, 2003
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