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the act of giving a girl a facial and then pouring sprinkles on top afterwards. aka persian perversion
She wanted desert after dinner so i gave her a soltani.
by p-cubed June 04, 2009
11 5
A four-man orgy; to be gay to the max.
Lets all go Soltani on friday guys! we can get butter too! and then afterwards, choke the chickens with bread crums.
by ThatDictionaryGUY!! March 11, 2009
9 5
a really chill Persian dude who knows how to have a good time.
We gotta invite some Soltani's to this party.
by Robin Hood156 August 28, 2010
3 1
"to do the soltani" = to be in second place
He did the soltani. He lost!
by Kickergott August 06, 2003
1 6
former champion; man who doesn´t understand that his time is over; born looser
Guy who was playing table soccer quite good when he was younger and still tries but is always loosing
by Champ August 05, 2003
0 7