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(1) a lawyer who does not specialize in courtroom legal work, as in the case of jurisdictions based on the Common Law of England and Wales; (2) the second law officer of Great Britain and also of the United States of America after the Attorney-General. NOTE: Not to be confused with solicitant (one who solicits).
by RCL August 14, 2003
The kid who used to talk his way out of a beating at School. Now educated this pimply little shit has power and intends to wreck furious havoc on the world via the ailing and retarded legal system. See also Lawyer, Attorney, Coward.
by I don't think so May 13, 2003
Someone paid to lie, bribe witnesses and charge exhorbitant fees
That man is a proven lawyer (attributed to the late Peter Cook)
by frank February 18, 2004
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