much like John Cena someone who fights for pride,someone who fights for what they believe in and the possers to soldiers are known as gangsters. Gangsters fight for only one thing Glory a true soldier does not fight for glory.
i told you a thousand times i'm not gangsta i'm a soldier
by faygo boy August 22, 2006
a person which can easily be controlled by propaganda, to do the most cruel and inhuman things. soldiers say that they believe, that they are doing the right thing. perhaps some soldiers even enjoy being violent, and torture enemys. if you see a guy with a gun in his hand, play dead. playing dead is also recommended if you see a soldier without gun or any other kind of groups which are known for their ungentle behaviour.
officer: hey soldier - drop a bomb on that house, there are enemys in it.

soldier: okiydoky.

officer: aww damn, there where only civilists in it. it is the fault of our secret service. you did the right thing.

soldier: hahahahaha who cares. i had fun.
by tbbabou September 24, 2010
A "soldier" is someone who follows the sick rhymes of the KOTTONMOUTH KINGS
also known as KINGS or QUEENS
by WICKED NINJA NUMBER420 September 18, 2003
Boy that is street and sort-of lives in the ghetto
if your status aint hood i aint checkin on ya better be street if ya lookin at me i need a soldier.
by Stefani Ackerman December 17, 2004
Also pronounced Soul-Jah. A person who listens to Drum and Bass/Jungle. The term refers to the Breakbeats Army; anyone who is into breaks could be considered a soldier, and Junglists are sometimes refered to as Dark Soldiers.
Any Jungle DJ or MC calls out (Let's just say Mampi Swift for arguments sake) to the crowd during a break in the song: "Where my soldiers at up in here? Make some noise!"
by DJ Maru July 13, 2003
a mindless sheep that does what its told, often given more credit than they deserve
i dont know what i want to do with my life, so i became a soldier
by brandong83 April 28, 2007
The realist,and most hood niggaz.Some examples of a soldier are T.I, Lil Wayne,Cam'ron,Slim THug, Trick Daddy. The best type of nigga to have.
You see that boy fly,he definitly a soldier.
by Hollachagurl January 31, 2005
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