A paper chaser who has his block on fire remaining a “G” until the day that he expires who knows what it is to make nothing out of something and handles his biz and don’t be crying when he’s suffering.
He ain't scared ta blast cause he a soilder nigga!
by Juvy November 13, 2003
to pretend to work while really goofing off.
he really know how to soldier
by GI JOE August 28, 2003
1: a lone warrior who can protect himself
2: a not-a-lone-warrior who is a member of a militant group, but is likely to have the tendancies to be a lone-soldier
3: to have sex without a condom
1: i ain't in no gang, im a soldier
2: all my ratted soldiers back me up here
3: i soldiered your chic, kid might be mine
by dark soul June 30, 2003
diehard fans of jungle / drum and bass
maximum respect to all you soldiers worldwide for your love and support of drum and bass. Word is bond.
by saurie September 16, 2006
The most common class of Warrior, the Soldier is an expert in weapons of all sorts, though he is not very powerful. Soldiers are weapons experts who almost always serve under an official army. It is, however, likely for a Soldier to join a party of adventurers, and are often extremely useful. Soldiers tend to be intelligent, brave, but not very loyal.
Soldiers of the doomed Nazi 6th army often deserted to adventuring parties, who were then still in search of the Holy Grail.
by Detranova August 06, 2003
The brave paper bag that protects your hand from the icy cold 40 ounces of beer attempting to freeze itself to your skin.
1.) Jason's counter top was littered with the tattered remnants of many dead soldiers, but his hands and bottles escaped unharmed.

2.) The liquor store clerk tried to send me into battle unprotected, but I quickly snatched a spare soldier and wrapped my Mickey's up nice and tight, living to drink and fight another day.
by Kaustik May 05, 2007
To lead and/or assemble an sizeable army of people as in a gang.
I'm gonna need you guys to soldier up. We got another rival crew coming and I wnat us to be ready.
by The A-man December 22, 2005

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