a man/woman who will put there life in stake to finish there job which is ethier to eliminate the enmemy, plant a C4 bomb at a cerain place or thing which propose a threat to america or other conturies.somtimes they recover a certain veichle like the Blackhawk. so the ethir plant a bomb or destroy it with a greater weapon like the Alpachie.
they have certan ranks in the army and well you could rank up for saving alot of people or save your allies. i am not sure the rest about how to rank up.
these are the ranks i know not in the right order:
master sergeant
and General
besides trannie and recruit, they all have like first class and second class.
soldier 1: what now?
soilder 2: i dont know call the black hawk and lets go home
soilder 1: ok wait:
*5 hours later*
soilder 1: look its the black hawk!! wait a sec.. OH NO!!!!
soilder 2 : what?
soilder 1: its being attacked by a terroirist.
soilder 2: dam i gotta call the alpachie to blow this shit.
by call of combat rock May 02, 2009
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a soldier is someone who fights for their country and in what they believe. even if it means death.
poor people that live in the (ghetto) and like to shoot people should not be called a soldier. to be a soldier means much more than street slang.
by SMgangsta760 January 13, 2005
A soldier is a man or woman who selflessly devotes thier life to ensure that all citizens of their country can sleep with peace of mind and live out day to day without fear. A soldier gives you your freedom, and asks nothing in return. A soldier is the highest type of citizen. A soldier is what most of you are scared to be.
United States Army personell ; soldier
by future SMA July 05, 2006
A soldier is a person that fights through rough times. When things get hard or discouraging, they press on and don't give up. Most of us are soldiers at some time in our lives.
Eminem song "Soldier"--
I'm a soldier.
These shouldas hold up so much.
They neva fall or fold up.
Even if my collar bones crush or crumble, I will never slip or stumble.
by B-rizzle February 23, 2005
A member of the ARMY.
Marines, sailors, and airmen, are NOT soldiers.
by Paul June 19, 2006
A "Hooah", or a warrior. A person of unarguable importance to his team, family, and/or country. Proud member of a "Band of Brothers". If wearing an American flag patch on his right arm- a "Soldier" will be the last thing you see if you cross the United States.

also see: hooah; squared away
Just look for the guy wearing the Black/ Maroon/ Tan/ Green Beret.
by PFC JG Hunt March 02, 2004
1. A member of a nation's armed forces.

2. In the U.S. military, the term "soldier" specifically refers to Army personnel.

3. Within the U.S. Army, the term "soldier" is often used to describe the enlisted personnel separate of the officers.
1. Soldiers fight for their country.

2. The Navy has Sailors, the Air Force has Airmen, the Marine Corp has Marines, and the Army has Soldiers.

3. It is important for officers to remain friendly, but detached, from their soldiers.
by EMeythaler July 31, 2008
A patriot that fights for his team, has multiple rocket launchers and loves Sun-Zu.
by ThatFagWithTheBlackBox October 15, 2011
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