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The misspelling of the word Soldier.
Please know the correct spelling of the word soldier and do not use the word soilder!! No one has soiled anything!!
by military speller November 27, 2010
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(noun)someone part of an army, group or movement; someone standing up for what they believe; southern male;
I'm supposed to be a soilder who never shows his composure.-Eminem Toy Soilders
by swiss February 14, 2005
A man with hood staus, knows ghetto slang, and known to carry a big d*ck
I need a soilder in my life.
by ebonypride March 25, 2005
a person who wear warm clothes (e.g. a duffer coat buttoned to the top) when its 30 degrees outside
what the fuck...check out that solja in that duffer coat and scarf.
by rasoool May 13, 2003

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