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the word used to describe a female
"check out that yatee!"
by rasoool March 26, 2003
the term used when shit is falling down the trousers after one has had a little accident.
shit man shit
by rasoool March 26, 2003
a male who likes to be sexually active with a member of the same gender
" oh my god look at those two brownataas doing it in the ally way!"
by rasoool March 26, 2003
a phrase used for no apparent reason
blah blah blah...hoootnani...blah blah
by rasoool March 26, 2003
a phrase used when a student gets a bad report at school and is about to be beaten by their mother
RIDA's MUM: emshi emshi rida ma haza report!?!
(rida is about to get hit)

by rasoool May 27, 2003
the alternative for five pounds sterling
" yes bruv that will be a jacks (£5)"
by rasoool March 26, 2003
a reaction which occurs after one has sprayed an excess amount of mint spray into ones mouth
'spary' 'spray' ...ahhh hehe hehe mmm caca ha ha ha
by rasoool April 01, 2003

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