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The act of making sweet passionate or rough dirty sex to a clean sock.

In some cases some like day old socks for the smell of a dirty whore.
Chad is such a Sock Fuck!
by Your Moms Favorite November 01, 2015
1) The fucking of a chick with a sock covering the penis in order to prevent pregnancy when you dont have a condom.
2) Also to be used as an inslult to do in a friends ear, and only in the ear anywhere else is sorta gay.
1)Guy: hey honey sorry but i dont have any condoms so you think i can just sock fuck you

Girl: yeah thats ok

2)Curt: brendan, give me back my deal card and stop cheating or god help me i will sock fuck you straight in the ear

Brendan: geez, chill out thats nasty...fag
by Big C Bardwell Bigvaney May 17, 2010
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