Actually "que es lo que es" but pronounced S.O.C.K.S

It means "It is what it is"
P1: Stupid car
P2: S.O.C.K.S

P3: i hate that color though!
P4: que es lo que es
by OriginalXmsteel September 26, 2009
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1. A garment usually worn between your foot and footwear which is meant to facilitate optimum body temperature, maximize comfort and decrease disgusting foot odor. Generally comes in pairs.

2. A disposable ejaculatory device used by lonely, socially inept young men who do not like to masturbate in the shower or ejaculate all over furniture.
1. "Man, these new socks are really helping me maintain optimal, maximize comfort and minimize disgusting foot odor. And look, I have one for each foot."

2. "John, where have all your socks gone? I could've sworn that I bought you a pack just last week."
by desperryado October 03, 2005
things that go on your feet and should not be used otherwise.
my socks keep my FEET warm
by leah December 02, 2003
something used as a semen catcher for horny little boys who don't want to clean up after they jerk it.

Something hicks with mullets use for birth control.
Dude, last night I used a sock in the barn. My mom came in after I finished up my duty and was like, why do you have your shoes and socks off. So I had to wear the sock after I jizzed in it.

Dude, wool socks are bad news.
by Slick Willie May 28, 2003
Term used to describe a hit using one's fists.
Shut up for I SOCK you in yo eye!
by Joshiro007 February 12, 2003
garments that go on your feet inside shoes, preferably not when wearing open-toed sandals.
When worn for 3 or more days in a row, socks can become completely toxic and must be disposed of in a university lab facility.
by bleeeyuh December 05, 2004
Used to soak up a boy's jizz after he masturbated into it. Many boys masturbate with the sock over the penis, soaking the sock in warm water to simulate the feel of a warm vagina. Some masturbate and only use the sock right before they are about the ejaculate by inserting the dick in the sock right before orgasm. This is good as you dont have to worry where your man juice goes. Whatever way you use it, socks are awwsome when your a teenager who likes to have wanks.
Last night i felt like a fap but it was late at night and really dark. instead of trying to catch my jizz in the dark, I simply slipped on a sock over the throbbing penis and pumped away at it. I came all over the sock and the next morning i just chucked it in the laundry.
by Callum69 June 13, 2009
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