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A person whom changes 'social groups' regualarly and changes to fit in. This can be for many reasons:

1. They want to be accepted by all people and thrive off popularity.

2. They switch groups everytime they get a new partner..of whom they 'love' after a short while.

3. They follow the trends of these so called 'famous' people, thinking that it is the cool thing to do. paris hilton comes to mind.
lisa: ''whats up with jane? she was with friends with us yesterday but now she's with those emo's''

kate: ''she just thinks she's cool...she's such a social floater''
#social #floater #paris hilton #changes #float
by jebusF April 10, 2007
A person, usually a co-worker or class mate, who is generally disliked by his/her peers but are totally oblivious to this fact. They will continue to socially interact with you dispite your continued attempts to get rid of them. Much like the turd that just won't seem to go away no matter how many times you flush.
"That new guy rob is the biggest social floater... I've seen some persistant turds but he tops them all, if he comes near me again I'm gonna punch him in the back of the head"
#fag #prick #new guy #homo #slut
by Myster-A January 18, 2008
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