Its called football, dumbass
USA: Let's play soccer
Rest of the world: STFU ITS FOOTBALL
by LOL696969969696 March 10, 2014
1. a game where people fall on the field after being touched.

2. a game where it takes a whole 90 minutes to score 2 goals

3. A sport when a high scoring game is boring
Dude did you see that soccer game their was like 6 goals

I know it almost put me to sleep
by yoioas December 23, 2011
A sport which requires a BRAIN and FITNESS unlike american football where you run for 5 seconds and stop, if you think soccer is easy, think again, watch the top 3 leagues on the world English Premiership, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and you will see how they play, soccer you CAN make contact unlike basketball where you put one hand on the guy and its a foul. With soccer it can take more than 5 years to be a good player with all the skills involved in the sport, soccer players need to be running for 90 mins OFFICIALLY not 85 minutes 90 because of stoppage time unlike american football where you run for 10 mins. You need to have a passion for soccer to play it, its useless playing with no passion because you wont get anywhere, soccer has the most passionate fans out of any sport and if you dont believe me, search soccer ultras on the internet and you will see, the point is that soccer is the best sport and requires the most out of any other sport.
Soccer requires:
A brain
Mental and physical strength
by 19 Kranjcar 19 February 09, 2007
Soccer equals life.
by socerluvr4ever November 24, 2009
Is an abbreviation for Association of Football mainly used in the US. Subject of criticism by Americans that say "its too boring", "its a game of luck", "its for fags"

Lets look at this systematically:
1. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world with over 200 members, second only to the United Nations. Well seems like its doing all right if the majority of the world likes it

2. Soccer requires extreme endurance, speed and technical ability. Many americans like to compare soccer to american football: Soccer is 90 minutes, no stoppages with only a 15 minute break (can reach upto 2hrs in overtime). American football is 60 minutes, w/plenty of stoppages in between(timeouts, etc) and a godamned halftime show?!

3. Look at the greats of soccer: Zidane, Ronaldinho, Pele, Cryuff: they are notable for finesse on the field, for possessing such great ability it seems impossible to normal people. Notable american football players have received recognition, because they can catch (whoop-de-fucking-do!) or they can push another guy

4. Soccer requires physical strength: bones have been broken, muscles torn and the only piece of protection you have is a shin guard. Football players on the other hand are decked out in so much protective gear that its hard to differentiate between person and pads. Hmm...seems like someone's a wittle scared of getting hurt (wanna play a real contact sport? play rugby)
Soccer fan: Hey buddy, did you see how Zidane managed to dribble past 3 defenders, run 50m, before chipping a shot over the keeper?

Footbal fan: Oh no, I was too busy watching a guy jump on another guy, it was oddly homo-erotic.
by axelone December 09, 2006
A physically demanding sport and the most popular in the world, despite the fact the clock counts up and the players constantly pretend to sprain their ankles.
Hola! Vamos a jugar futbol o soccer!
by 'Piduh-ma'an!!! January 20, 2016
the best sport in the world!! takes practice and intelligence. the hockey players at my school think it's gay and stupid when really they've mistaken that for themselves. they call me weak cause I play soccer so I kicked one in the shin and they almost started crying, who's weak now? soccer is better than any other sport and to those who think different, gtfo.
hockey kid: soccers gay
soccer kid: I will kick you so hard in the leg and you don't know how to kick back cause you just use a stick
by poopoogirl12345 March 28, 2015

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