soccer is a sport in which two teams each with 11 players try to kick a ball (roughly the same size as a basket or net ball) between two goalposts. there are two sets of goal posts on each side of the field, one team is trying to kick the ball into one set, the other is doing the same into the other set. players can use any part of their body except their arms to score a goal. each goal, i.e. getting the ball through one set of goalposts, counts as one point. at the end of the match, the team with the highest amount of points wins.


1. soccer is a sissy sport.
i) well, more than half the people who say that are retarts who watch the sport on TV instead of getting off their asses and actually trying it out for themselves. so how would they know?
ii) soccer requires a very high amound of fitness, as there's only one 5 min. break in the whole 90 minute match, and players have to run practically the whole time especially if they are a midfielder or striker.
iii) soccer players only have protection on their calves. they can be knocked over, elbowed (this isnt strictly allowed but happens anyway), kneed, shoved, etc etc. soccer is definately a contact sport.

2. American football is way better.
i) well, sure, in american football they score more, but who cares? seriously!
ii) many people call soccer sissy. look at the wimps who play american football! they have protection covering their entire bodies, even their faces! "oh yeah, we're so tough, we have so much gear on us we practicly weigh twice as much as a rhino when weve got it on"
iii) they have breaks every 15 minutes or sumthing! oh yeah they run a little bit, but their so stuffed after that amount of time that the're sitting down with red faces and sweat running down their noses!

3. soccer requires no effort
i) 90 minute matches, you have to run most of that time, only one small break.
ii) you have to have SERIOUS skills. you have to be able to dribble the ball effectively, get past opponents, accurately pass the ball to team members, possibly shoot with, say, 3 defenders and the goalie trying to stop you, and GET IT IN. ok, so if this doesn't sound hard, TRY IT.
iii)in american football, they have to get past a line. oh, yeah, so hard eh? no wonder they score so much!
soccer is the best sport eva eva eva. EVA.

soccer is wayyyy better than american football. i've tryed both sports, guess what? i stayed with soccer.

try it. you'll be surprised.
by skysiie April 23, 2007
Its called football, dumbass
USA: Let's play soccer
Rest of the world: STFU ITS FOOTBALL
by LOL696969969696 March 10, 2014
A sport which requires a BRAIN and FITNESS unlike american football where you run for 5 seconds and stop, if you think soccer is easy, think again, watch the top 3 leagues on the world English Premiership, Italian Serie A, Spanish La Liga and you will see how they play, soccer you CAN make contact unlike basketball where you put one hand on the guy and its a foul. With soccer it can take more than 5 years to be a good player with all the skills involved in the sport, soccer players need to be running for 90 mins OFFICIALLY not 85 minutes 90 because of stoppage time unlike american football where you run for 10 mins. You need to have a passion for soccer to play it, its useless playing with no passion because you wont get anywhere, soccer has the most passionate fans out of any sport and if you dont believe me, search soccer ultras on the internet and you will see, the point is that soccer is the best sport and requires the most out of any other sport.
Soccer requires:
A brain
Mental and physical strength
by 19 Kranjcar 19 February 09, 2007
I like to call it football. Football has real class and you can do slick moves with it. All the other sports are scrappy and painful to watch. The World Cup and EURO 2004 are the 2nd and 3rd most watched sporting events in the world. That's why its the WORLD GAME!!!
Wanna go see a sport, check out football.
by luki January 08, 2004
A word used instead of football by idiot Americans
Person 1: Do you like soccer?
Person 2 (From UK): *facepalm*
by Eminemlookalike March 24, 2015
Soccer equals life.
by socerluvr4ever November 24, 2009
best sport in the whole wide world. obivously. requires A LOT of dedication, practice and skill. American football players call it a "girl" sport because they are to emarrased that they cant play the worlds greatest sport. you have to be fit mentaly and physicaly.Unlike basketball and american football where you stop every time the ball goes out, u play full 90 minutes, with only 3 subs. and dont get me started on baseball. Bunch of guys standing around in tight pants now thats GAY.
soccer player 1: i play soccer
girl: oh you mean the worlds greatest sport?
by soccer18 April 10, 2007

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