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The best and most lethal creature on the planet.
contruary to popualar beleif, he IS alive and the only reason that he died in the book(and the movie) was because J.R.R.Tolkien wanted the good side (frodo) to win.
smeagol is more than a *quote* anorexic slimey creature that wants the precious *end quote*.

The only thing smeagol loves is the precious, a powerful and beautiful ring that turns its wearer invisible.

smeagol will squeeze you, you smeagol-hater.
smeagol wantsss the preciousssssss.
smeagol squeeezzessssss.
by QueenAmonWoo July 04, 2006
A soccer tournament that is held in the little-known capital of Australia (Canberra). Soccer teams from all over the world come and play in the tournament. The winners of their league get a gold (not real gold) cup.

person 1: 'my cousin is playing in the Kanga Cup, so shes not coming to America'


person 1: dont hurt me! *hides behind tree*
by QueenAmonWoo July 14, 2006
a game played world wide. there are 11 people on each team, trying to kick a ball into the goal they are facing and trying to stop the other team from kicking the ball into the goal behind them. there is a goalie for each team, and the goalie is the onlyone who can pick up the ball, provided they pick it up in the 18 yard box. when playing soccer:

~you cant wear any jewellery
~you cant touch the ball with any part of your arms unless ~you are the goalie and inside the 18 yard box
~you have to wear soccer boots, shin guards and your clubs/states/countrys clothes (shorts, socks, etc)

and remember:
*~soccer is NOT a pussy sport, and requires a huge amount of skill
*~the only reason players fall over, start crying etc, is because they ARE hurt or they are faking being hurt to get a free kick- NOT because they are sissies and are not real men/women
*~soccer will eventually take over the whole world
soccer is the greatest, soccer is the greatest, SOCCER IS THE GREATEST!!!!
by QueenAmonWoo September 09, 2006
The main villain in the Harry Potter book and movie series (although in the movies, they make Professor Snape a bit of a villain as well). His real name is Tom Marvolo riddle, when re-arranged spells 'I Am Lord Voldemort'. So far, he has tryed to kill Harry Potter 5 or more times.
The wizarding families are so afraid of him that they do not use his chosen name, refering to him as 'He Who Must Not Be Named'.


1. Voldemort is a parsle tongue... he can talk to snakes
2. Voldemort went to Hogwarts, harry's school
3. Voldemort tried to get work at hogwarts
4. Voldemort killed harry's parents
5. Voldemort is getting very pissed off cos he hasn't killed harry yet.
6. I suggest you read the harry potter books if you havent already.
Voldemort is evil
Voldemort will be dead very very soon...
I hope you like harry not voldemort
by QueenAmonWoo July 12, 2006
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