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1. a soft fluffy bunny you can snuggle up with.
2. someone whom you love very much and can stay in bed all day with.
My snuggle bunny and I wasted the day away in each others arms.
by Thelonious January 30, 2006
One who is snuggly, or good to snuggle with. A sweetheart.
"Snugglebunny, im really cold! Come snuggle with me!"
by Doodle D May 25, 2005
one who loves the snugglelumps and loves snuggling with him. They live in snuggleopolis where all the snuggies gather, on the planet snuggiopiter in the snuggie way. Great snuggieness resides.
"i love you snugglelumps" said the snugglebunny. "will you snuggle with me forever?"
A cuddler. Someone you can cuddle -- *snuggle* -- with. Usually someone you know well, and where the relationship dynamic is such that there isn't (too much) sexual tension.
She's my snugglebunny for after scary movies when I can't sleep.

We both had recent breakups, and decided we were both cuddle-deficient, so we decided to be snugglebunnies for a night.
by aGar June 06, 2005
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