When a guy snuggles his nuts against some bitch's nose.
Bill: I was snugging that sloo last night but she made my wash my sack before she let me keep going.
Tom: What a bitch.
by qt&YOUREDOOM March 29, 2010
Top Definition
either the act of cuddling with another person or in some cases, performing a sexual act
I hated Brokeback Mountain! There was too much snugging!
by 2muchofapimp July 12, 2006
the act of removing all the contents of someones bag(usually a school bag), turning the bag inside out, and placing all the books back inside before zipping it up.
1.Mike: Not again, who snugged my bag this time?
John: Relax, snugging is a joke, man.
2. Teacher: I'm sick of all the guys snugging eachother during class. The next person that does it gets a detention!
by LK842 April 10, 2009
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