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When something is chilled, relaxed and cool.

Derived from 'snug' as in the snug of a pub.
(UK origin: A snug is typically a small secluded side room of a pub/bar where a small group of friends can chill-out getting drunk in a more private surrounding)
Describing something that's cool: That's well snugg!
Describing a semi-attractive girl: She's a bit snuggy...
by Roufler June 16, 2008
an Alias for Amazing Marijuana. Slang codeword for God weed.
Kid A- "what is that delicious smell?"

Kid B- " My bad bro, i was just checking out this snugg. "
by John_Connor July 29, 2009
Spandex, north face, uggs.

turns out the new uniform for girls at schools are tight leggings, north face jackets, and uggs
me: Dude whats with all the girls wearing leggings as pants?
friend: they are all Snuggs. uptight whores who want to "look good".
by nuke0063 April 03, 2011
short for "snuggles"
Gordon: *cries*
Sophia: ugh, *snuggs*
by bored.. ya August 10, 2009
See the definition of SNUGGING
There's a rumor going around that you wanted to snugg with me.
by 2muchofapimp July 12, 2006