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1) Monty Python: A hand grenade forged to smite the powers of evil. Instructions: Pull pin, count to three, throw.

2) Worms: MOST POWERFUL WEAPON EVER. Or at least the coolest. A parody of the Monty Python weapon, the holy hand grenade is an awesome weapon which shouldn't be reckoned with.
1)And Saint Attila raised the hand grenade up on high,
saying, 'Oh, Lord, bless this thy hand grenade that with it thou
mayest blow thy enemies to tiny bits, in thy mercy.' And the Lord
did grin, and people did feast upon the lambs, and sloths, and
carp, and anchovies, and orangutans, and breakfast cereals, and
fruit bats, and large...

2) wURmz_Masta: i totly pwned u wit tht holy hand grenade. haha
by Lyrax February 25, 2005
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The preferred weapon of God, set to exploded after 3 seconds (not 4, nor 2, 5 is way out), and always kills the target.
We have the Holy Hand Grenade!
by Extreme June 19, 2004
The holy weapon of mass destruction.
Watch out for the bunny or I'll throw the holy handgrenade!

The holy handgrenade of Antioc.
by Tom and Kory April 15, 2005
First you pour diet coke in a girls vagina. Then you grab a handful of mentos and fist fuck her for a count of three. Do not count to four, nor two, lest it proceedeth you to three. Five is right out. Then get the hell out of the way.
"The other day I was fisting my girl and she said 'hey, let's try something kinky' so I gave her the Holy Hand Grenade. I was cleaning diet coke off of my walls for three days.
#fisting #foaming chewbacca #mentos #diet coke #kinky
by BizarroTravis May 14, 2009
Codenamed: "rabbit killa'" A device of mass destruction engineered and developed by monty python.
Thou shelt lob thy Holy Hand Grenade at the foe, only after the count of 3.
by mad at the world February 28, 2003
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