a really baby cute guy
aww! your such a snuffalupagus!
by b.l. May 29, 2003
Top Definition
1) The large wooly mammoth featured on the children's television program, Sesame Street. He could only be seen by Big Bird
2) A person or thing that either exists only in one's mind or others have never met, therefore think only exists in one's mind.
1) Big Bird and Snuffalupagus are best friends.

2) I haven't seen you in so long - everyone was beginning to think you were my Snuffalupagus!
by Eerbink April 06, 2006
1) refering to your nose, that is most likely stuffy.

2) refering to the elephant creature on sesame street.
"oh man, my snuffalupagus has been running all day."

"Snuffalupugus is my favorite off of the show Sesame Street!"
by B-Ridg August 29, 2009
1) Hairy animal featured on the childrens show Sesame street.

2) Hairy animal featured in multiple pornos.
Snuffalupagus is swinging his hairy trunk around.

Look at the size of that Snuffalupagus
by Scooter March 28, 2004
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