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V. To knock the shit out of someone.
To knock some fools lights out.
"Yo, did you see that shit"
"No what happened"
"I dont know, but that nigga just got snuffed"
by C-Dub February 25, 2005
The act of knocking someone out or getting knocked out. A cheap shot.
"Yo that nigga is really gone get a snuf for talkin all that mad head"
by Craig WiIliams February 28, 2005
Saturday Night Ultimate Frisbee- only the elite allowed.
elite 1: hey your gonna S.N.U.F tomorrow right?
elite 2: hell yeah i'm gonna own that frisbee.
by S.N.U.Feriffic May 12, 2010
V.The act of knockin some fools lights out. To sneak someone.
"Did you see that"
"That nigga just got snuffed"
by C-Dub February 24, 2005
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