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Common slang term for a snubnose revolver, a small handgun with a short barrel, generally 2" (50mm) or shorter. Such revolvers are so small that they can be concealed where most other handguns cannot, such as in an ankle holster or a pants pocket.
I carry my snubby in the summer when I can't conceal my L-frame under my jacket.

If I lose my 1911 in a fight, I've still got a snubby in an ankle holster for backup.
by carguychris January 23, 2008
n. an visible erection that happens while you're wearing a Snuggie.
Dude, Grandma looked so hot last night while we were both reading in bed that I got a snubby!
by snubboy January 14, 2009
Dodge fleet van where the angle of the windshield is close to that of the hood making the front of the van appear to be have a snubbed nose. Dodge vans of the early 90's exhibit this feature.
Jesse took the snubby van up the mountain. Mike is driving Snubby right now.
by Smu Johnson October 26, 2007

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