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In Roald Dahl's Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Willie Wonka mentions licking snozberries. What most people don't know is that in one of Dahl's adult books, snozberry is a euphamism for penis. He was slipping dirty humor into a kid's book for his private amusement.
"...The snozberries taste like snozberries..." "What's a snozberry?" "I'm a trifle deaf in my left ear, next time speak up!"
by laura borealis November 02, 2003
1109 256
A delicious flavour berry only grown in the willy wonka factory, dead dead yummy.
Hey, you want one of my wonka beans? You can have a snozberry one?
hell yeah!
by King Loz September 01, 2003
204 78
a berrie in the magical world of wonka
the snoz berries taste like snoz berries
by matthya May 29, 2003
61 28
Coined By Willy Wonka, (Gene Wilder) in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, in the 'lickable wallpaper' scene.
"The Strawberrys taste like Strawberrys, the Snozberrys taste like Snozberrys".
by Mike Tuckwood August 21, 2005
32 21
see super troopers
the schnozberrrys taste like snozberrys!
by punk as fuck January 26, 2004
26 24
a berry that is in oompa land
the snoz berries taste like snoz berries
by matthya May 28, 2003
26 29
in fact comes from an obscure literary reference from the time period, referring to testicles
"sozberries taste like snozberries", how else could he assure there is such a thing
by h0zer September 27, 2011
139 151