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To use even the lightest amount of snowfall as an excuse for skipping work/social events/commitments due to "adverse travel conditions".
Look, snow! Thats it dude, grab the weed and the sledge, im snow-flaking work tomorrow!
by Quarlmarx January 10, 2010
Snowflaking: the act of cutting out decorative snowflakes.
I'll be down stairs snowflaking if you need me
by crafter87 November 21, 2012
A callous thing to do, but has to be done on occasion. This is the mixing of low quality cocaine with dandruff and psoriasis flakes, which you then chop out to the no-mark who has been hassling you for ".. a bump" all night.
This charlie's been snowflaked!!
by Skirtlifter January 10, 2005
When a black guy doesn't have time for his homeboys anymore, because he is tapping or dating a white girl.
Yo homie I haven't seen u round the block lately, where you been at? Snowflaking
by Cow Tina November 27, 2008

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